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Lumiflux™ Baffle (LB15)

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Scientific Lighting Products
Lumiflux™ Baffle (model LB15)
parabolic aluminum baffle

1 1/2" / 38 mm Deep Parabolic Aluminum

These nonflammable aluminum baffles are a full 1.5" (38 mm) deep to assure maximum luminance control. Baffles are cove lighting, generally used along a wall. This product is available in both stock and custom configurations.

Stock Baffles:

  • Half cells at each end butt join to provide continuous appearance.
  • Trimmable flat flanges provide wide range of widths.
  • Available with blades either 2" or 3" on center by 48" long.
  • Semi-Specular anodized finish.

Custom Baffles:

  • Half cells at each end butt join to provide continuous appearance.
  • Custom baffles manufactured to meet your specific requirements..
  • You determine the number of cells, the glare control and the efficiency.
  • Variable blade centers (min. 2" on center), widths and lengths.
  • Selection of finishes.
  • Selection of perimeter details.

Standard Finish

  • L.I Semi-Specular anodized

Custom Finishes

  • L.I Specular
  • Premium L.I. Semi-Specular

For product pricing and ordering information please contact us. We can custom cut louvers to fit your needs.

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