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Scientific Lighting Products Angleflux™ (Model AF)
directional louver

Angleflux™ is the most sophisticated injection molded, directional louver available. It has been designed for special applications that require highly restricted distribution in one direction, the majority of the light distribution in the opposite direction and with a 45 degree cut-off in the perpendicular plane.

Cell size 3/4" X 3/4" X 11/16"
20 X 20 X 18 mm

Nominal Size

Base Material

Overall Panel Size



24 7/16" X 47 3/4"
620 X 1214 mm

  • DPAR: The angled blades are parallel with the louver's length. Directional distribution in one direction only.
  • DPERP: The angled blades are perpendicular with the louvers length. Directional distribution in one direction only.
  • Fabricated louvers may require a mullion depending on the directional configuration.

Finish Options

  • Silver
  • Permalux
  • Semi-Specular

For product pricing and ordering information please contact us. We can custom cut louvers to fit your needs.

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