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Scientific Lighting Products:

Parasquare® 1
Parasquare® 2
Parasquare® 3
Parasquare® 5
P6: Parahex®
IL-1: Fullreflex™
TC: Thincell™

1/2" Thincell™
Aluminum Thincell™
L12: Lumiflux™
L15: Lumiflux™
LB12: Lumiflux™
LB15: Lumiflux™
Retrofit Kits
RFK2™: Retrofit Kit
RFK3™: Retrofit Kit


A louver is a piece of plastic or aluminum, composed of holes or cells, that fits in a fluorescent light frame between the lamps and the room below. The cells can be square, hexagonal or round. Different sized cells are available.

The most inexpensive type of louver is the style known as Eggcrate (Thincell™), which is simply a plastic grid with square "holes". Please choose from the links on the left to see specifications on specific styles of louvers.


Baffles are generally narrower than louvers, and instead of a series of "holes" they are made of up blades cutting horizontally across the piece. Baffles are generally used along the edge of a room to control the directionality of light.

Retrofit Kits

Scientific Lighting has two different Retrofit kits available, for those situations in which you would like to install a louver but the existing fluorescent fixture frame is not deep enough.

We stock many different styles of louvers and baffles, and custom cut louvers and lenses in our own shop. When you order you must know the actual length and width of the louver, and the size and shape of the cells. If you are replacing a lens with a louver, we will need to know the height of the channel in the fixture door.

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