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Introductory Information

Introductory Information

Scientific Lighting Products:

Flat Lenses
Louver Lens®
PR12: Prismatic Lens
PR15: Prismatic Lens
PR19: Prismatic Lens
Cracked Ice
Stipple Finish
Wrap Around Lenses
Vapor-Tight Lenses
GEN, TF & VF Series
Clip-On Diffusers
Retrofit Kits
RFK2™: Retrofit Kit
RFK3™: Retrofit Kit


A lens is a sheet of plastic (without holes) that fits in the frame of a florescent fixture between the lamp and the room below, or a translucent plastic piece (without holes) that wraps around a non-recessed flourescent fixture.

The most common lenses found in commercial buildings are "Prismatic" lenses. The surface pattern of these lenses consists of molded pyramid shaped indentations. Other surface patterns are available.

Indiana Electrical Sales carries the complete line of Scientific Lighting Products™ lenses. Please choose from the links on the left for more information on the specific styles available.

When ordering please specify the actual length and width, and the surface texture desired.

We custom cut lenses in our shop, and have a large quantity of common styles in stock, so quick turn-arounds are our specialty!

Please contact us to place orders, and for information on pricing and availabiltiy.

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