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About Indiana Electrical Sales

Indiana Electrical Sales was started in 1948 by Kyle G. Herder as a manufacturer's representative agency.

In the early days, the major product lines were lighting fixtures and power distribution equipment. Theatrical lighting and dimming systems also became important products.

In the 70s, products for the diffusion of light - luminous ceilings, lenses and louvers, became popular. In 1986, we began warehousing our products and found we could better control delivery and quality.

In 2014 we were acquired by Eastman Products of Indianapolis.  This acquisition opened up ladders as an additional product line offered.

Today, lenses and louvers continue to be the bulk of our lens business but our customers are also enjoying the added offering of Louisville Ladders, and Green Bull Ladders.

Please contact Indiana Electrical Sales for more information about lenses, louvers, globes, and ladders.

We happily accept phone and fax orders, or will can set up an account (with an approved application), or you can pay for your order with any major credit card.

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